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I am TERRIBLY sorry about the title. But I don't know how many people actually read the news post. Anyway, now that I have your attention, there are a few things I'd like to announce.

First of all, WDoD? reached +500 fans here on SmackJeeves! Huzzah! I never thought I'd get so many readers. So, for all the support, a big THANK YOU!. I hope with all my heart I can keep this comic going until it's finished. It's a story I'd really like to "tell". And it would mean the world if everyone who often reads and leaves comments would still be there when it happens. Not that I'm not saying something bad will happen to you gais. I'm just saying some simply stop visiting the site.

Onto other things, the Magnificos arc is finally over!! it was meant to last a little bit longer, but I cut off some things that wouldn't affect the story, but I am really pleased with the outcome. What I noticed is that the Magnificos got a positive response from the readers. So, just out of curiosity, who is your favorite? You can vote in this poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/zrq2q

And one more thing! Remember the oneshot sidestory about Cliff? If you haven't read it, you can download it in the Extras section of the site. I'm making another oneshot about the last poll winner: Gaddiel. Not published here, but downloadable. And the same as last time. First two users to post a comment, will get free advertisement of one of their webcomics! It's up to you if you make the ad yourself o leave it up to me.

AND ONE MORE THING! There will be a contest soon, with MAGNIFICENT prizes! the details of this contest will be published in the official DA Group. If you haven't joined, what are you waiting for?! Join the group here: http://wanteddeadordead.deviantart.com/


There is a new vote incentive. VOTE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Thanks for your support!

- Posted by MayelV on June 13th, 2013, 6:40 pm    -   3 comments

Reader Comments:

Captain Ghost
Posted by Captain Ghost
June 13th, 2013, 10:14 pm

1. That title is... nooooooooot cool x3

2. Congrats!! Way deserved :D And I hope to be here to see the story's end~

3. My favourite of the Magnificos... probably José, his ability is really something ^^ But I love em all <3

4. I wouldn't mind getting in on that advert dealio .__. maybe with my comic, 'ghost's tale: a crossover' ? I dunno. Whichever? (do fan comics even count x3) I don't recall what you need from people other than that, though? But, looking forward to it, either way~

5. And yay a contest! Will have to mosey on over and have a look at that too :V

6. Uncle is awesome I:

7. Voted~

8. [/sorry for rambling hahaha woo]

Posted by Sol
June 14th, 2013, 12:26 pm

Well it certainly got my attention. I wouldn't mind some advertisement from one of my longest supporters.

Posted by -Ruu-the-Dasher-
June 17th, 2013, 10:58 pm

Pulgares arriba por poner una imagen de Las Aventuras de Jackie Chan. Dios, qué buena serie.

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